Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nokia this, Nokia that

What a year 2011 has been for Nokia. The savy brand is having change its tactics and strategy to adjust to the new market of smartphones powered through by the Apple iPhone.

So they changed OS and have now gone to Windows. Wow. Is a good move? well put simply yes. Microsoft are one of those companies that push forward owing to their research and resiliance. The key players left now a are Apple with IOS and Google with Android. Blackberry, well its only a matter of time we think before they get superseded, bought out or outclassed by the others.

But what is the key to smartphone dominance? Is it the connectivity? is the messaging? or is it the app store?

Well Analyse Trends is going to go for the often left out factor and that is battery life!

 Yes, the often much hidden feature which ever since smart phones have become popular seems to worsen. Does anyone remember the days when the good old mobile phone could be left uncharged for days, even weeks? Yet today we often charge our smart phones, at least once a day. How did it get this bad?

Well we think hurdles were jumped over to gain market share but at the expense of actual raw functionaility. So how do Nokia amongst others get back to the top? Simple, they figure out how to do a smart phone with a long battery life. Come on Nokia, you had it once, Nokia 3310, Nokia 8210. You have the clout of Microsoft and all their knowledge plus you own expertise in handsets. Do something. Anything.

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