Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Battle of the smartphones...

So HTC has upped the game with its One series but just what is next for smartphones? Whats going to be the next killer features?? Already we are realising that phone makers and operating system makes have to give something to consumers which they make not always want or think they but once they get it can't imagine life without it- perfect example Apple's iPad.

HTC has given us one feature in the form of their video and picture software. Put simply you can do both now at the same time. So no more deciding which is which during the special moment. A further bonus is the fact that you can go back on previous videos recorded and retrospectively take the pictures again.

We at Analyse Trends believe the next killer features should come from

a) Batteries

b) HUD like screens

c) Integration of chat apps fully into phones

Lets take a)- Batteries

Well its no secret that smartphones all have one thing in common- bad battery life. With few exceptions, the manufacturers need to just keep on boosting and optimising their handsets to give the battery life of the good old Nokias....

b) HUD screens- yes maybe I have seen the Avengers for the third time, but HUDs are super cool. Now what we need is a phone that can project info on to say a table which could change the business market big time. Imagine having that spreadsheet sent to you for review and well 4.3 inch screens will not cut it. Now if you could project that to a table or blank surface, the possibilities are endless......

c) Well WhatsApp has really changed the way people talk. The cross platform app is wonderful. However like most 3rd party apps, they lack full integration with phones aka SMS. What we need is a hybrid of this sort of app and a phone becoming one as they. Its possible. Its software. It can be done.....

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