Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Battle of the 3d Blu Rays

After a hiatus, were back with a reshuffled team, ready to write more on the latest trends and prepare for the upcoming 12th September event - Apple and the release of Star Wars Blu ray !

The summer was a resounding success with a barrage of films released, Thor, Captain America, Conan, Transformers Dark of the Moon and last but not least, Green Latern. Now they are all coming out on blu ray the question is, which is the best one? Not just in terms of film, but in terms of 3d content- which made best use of it?

Stay tuned a write and showcase of blu ray packages around the globe to celebrate the release of these summer hits,

-update- Well months have passed, the blu rays are out! Except for Transformers Dark of the Moon 3d.  So that means we have to wait a bit more until we analyse our blu ray movies. But we must say after seeing Transformers the bare bones version, via Samsung d8000 46 inch TV and Pioneer sound, this looks to win hands down. The quality is just amazing. Mr Bay really raised the bar. 

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