Friday, 8 July 2011

Real time Social Networking..

There was a  time  when one of the easy ways to stay in touch with your loved ones was through telephone or writing letters.
One had to wait before the dialtone connects across the globe and a loved one answers the call or it would be weeks before a father can see his newly born child or a soldier could see his pregnant wife.
As times change there was a need to stay in touch on a day to day basis. If one was in a long relationship and suddenly you found yourself in a different continent altogether it was difficult to stay in touch.
Human beings by nature are Social so there was always  a need to stay in touch,little did we all knew that a guy who was turned down by a girl will revolutionise all this.his primary objective was to gain acceptance but he did not anticipate what was in the future.Facebook when it first came around was mainly confined to educational institutions students.
As soon as it broke through to mainstream public did we realise how easy it is to stay in touch and share one’s memorable moments with others.
Status updates,photo,like or dislike,relationship status etc it changed everything,facebook along with iphone brought a revolution.we were all now socially active on the electronic medium and sharing more information with others then we expected too.
Then came a need to communicate in real time, a need to see how the other person reacts on hearing a news,one just couldn’t wait to see the other person but the urge to push a button and drop the news and see others react was something we all yearned for.Facebook with this week video chat option has done exactly that,with the click of a button we can video chat on a one-to-one basis with one of our friends and pretty soon with a group.imagine a scenario if you are in London,your family is in the USA and your friend is working in Hyderabad,India and your girl friend is in Australia ,all these people are on one location and you can see them all on one platform and share the news that you have been given a promotion or won the lottery is here now.

The wait is over,Real time Sharing is here now and this is just the beginning.

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