Friday, 8 July 2011

Operating Systems will decide the future of Mobile Industry

There was a time when consumers used to purchase a mobile based on

  • Manufacturer
  • Minimal Size
  • Cost
the advent of the touch screen phones mainly the Apple iphone changed the industry on its head.One Device lead to a Complete revoultion,consumers suddenly have an alternative they no longer have to stick to the boring devices brought out by the manufacturers who used to dictate buying habits.
People suddenly realised how easy it is to go on the internet and easier to access their emails.
The iphone was a runaway success as it catered to the demands of the consumers which hadn't been taken into account before.It wasnt late before Mobile Phone Manufacturers realised they had to adapt to the changing consumer trends and buying habits.
Nokia the largest Mobile Manufacturer stubbornly stuck to its Symbian operating system which it hoped would lead the way. Sony Ericsson also persisted with symbian platform as they had invested far too much in it,what these manufacturers did not realise is Symbian where it was excellent in some aspects like its email client,it was a letdown in most other areas, iOS from Apple presented a fresh approach and an innovative interface which immediately wowed the User. HTC which was already in the market mainly catering to the business user got approached by Google to carry their Android operating System,HTC Desire when released to the genreal market became their first runaway success mainly due to its interface and android OS,it like iOS allowed seamless interaction,ease of use and The Market(Google's app store).The user now had more choice,where iOS is mainly a controlled environment Android allowed a certain degree of freedom for the user to customise their could upload songs to the device without any restrictions,you could easily download any short clips recorded on the phone.
HTC Handsets were not perfect but they offered an alternative to users who were not able to afford High iPhone tariffs,consumers had more choice then before.Sony Ericsson launched their Experia range,Nokia with their E-series,Samsung with their Galaxy range tried to compete but to no avail.

Consumers now going into a mobile outlet did not ask about the manufacturer but rather what OS is on the device,users have gone wiser and knew what catered to their needs.

The future of the mobile industry lies on what OS is Offered rather then who manufactures the gadget.

Team Analyse wil cover different OS in detail in separate posts in the coming future......

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