Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Power of X-men

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. TeamAnalyse have lately been seeing summer movies and can't help but explore X-men a bit. By now most of you have seen X-men first class and agree that its overall a good movie. Good characters (esp. Magneto and Professor X). Story wise, well they did kind of break contiunity from some previous elements from the previous X-men movies (and yet its still billed as a prequel...tut tut tut).

However one of the things about X-men is that, its underlying theme is basically someone who is not 'one of the crowd' trying to adjust into the crowd and well be accepted...and lets face it, what exactly is normal? married, with 2.4 kids?or a graduate trying to find a job? I think everyone who has seen the X-men movies can relate to not always being the norm and adjusting to whatever their social scenario is. X-men does  a very good job of portraying this. And well quite exciting aka mutant powers.

Its funny how this is even mirrored in todays tech. a few years ago, instant messenger programs never use to 'talk' to each other. yet eventually things converged and well now its almost 'too common' to have a program or mobile app that collates all your emails, chats and messages. Heck HTC do it to a charm with progs like friendstream.

We at TeamAnalyse think people can learn a lot from these converging whats next? well yep you guessed it , its mobile phone chargers (ok a bit too specific), having had phones from Nokia, Sony, Panasonic and now HTC, well the number one nag is why is it so that every phone has a different charger?? Thankfully this is being addressed and one day multiple chargers will be a thing of the past.

Of course the other big trend is the convergence of all your media files which Google, Apple and Amazon has addressing via their Cloud programmes. In today's norm, we want to be connected and have access to everything. Of course they have to overcome the fact that people will then start to need better data plans to handle all the streaming......but thats for another post....:)

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