Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Blackberry Playbook Launches at Carphone....

The Blackbery playbook hits the shelves today with Carphone warehouse.The Launch is taking place at their retail outlet in Selfridges.Our Reports Suggests they have 500 on the waiting list,lets hope they dont run out of stock.The Official Launch Date was 16th June 2011 but as they say The early bird catches the worm in this case its the Playbook.

The Blackberry playbook is Blackberry's tablet Pc to rival the Apple's iPad,their main attempt is to attract the business users who are already on Blackberry but need to use a Touch-screen interface with some serious multimedia capabilities,Some of the features of the playbook are:

  • Slim,light 7" tablet 
  • Stunning HD 7" display for your photos,movies & games
  • Faster Performance with a 1 GHz Processor
  • Adobe flash content with a full web Browser
  • Bridging is a secure bluetooth connection between the phone and tha tablet.It allows the user to view email, calendar and BBM Conversations without storing any private information
  • Exclusive Blackberry Apps
  • Futture support for Android Apps
  • High quality 5 MP Camera
It will also be available FREE on a 24 month postpay plan with a Blackberry 9300 for £37...yep we are one of the first to report it..

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