Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tips for Buying a New Phone

This article tells you what you need to buy a mobile phone and things to look for...


- Its a fact that mobile phones are increasingly becoming more larger in size. However the current best size or fit is roughly 3.5-4.7 inches. Keep in mind when you get phone, most people buy a phone case whether they have a Android smartphone, iPhone or Windows 8 Phone. The case inevitably adds bulk. Point in case I use to have a HTC One S. A beautiful phone, for which I have several cases depending on where I am going out. One can think Iron Man and his suits:)))), so with that in mind.

- Think about what are you going to check your phone for? Emails, surfing the net? then a larger screen is probably better- The new HTC One is currently setting the trend for how a smartphone should be. The new Blinkfeed system which presents 'nuggets' of information seems to be giving consumers what they want.

-Taking photos a lot? Again a good screen and a good lens and megapixel count all go hand in hand, however again new technology and innovation are challenging the 'megapixel' theory.

The HTC One for example uses 'ultrapixel' technology which in short terms means the camera lets in more light and produces a better picture. Also the megalpixel being at 4mp means a smaller file size too. So when looking for a new phone be sure make sure the surrounding camera tech is just as good.

-Your hand size......if you have a chance to test your phone, using your hand (writing one), hold it and see if you can carry out most functions such as menu switching and typing. Also try holding the phone and speaking.

Buttons or Screen Buttons

- Touchscreens are the normal outlook for smartphones with all but the infamous Blackberry adopting them en mass. Again the wonders of developers means a variety of keyboard apps for touchscreen phones mean now you can accommodate any writing style.

- Buttons on the other hand offer a physical tactile experience but your stuck with the keys so you better like them!


- If you need raw performance and smartphone features consider going for Samsung Galaxy 4, HTC One or an iPhone 5. Also when you get your phone go through and turn off any features you do not need/can be saved e.g. syncing of apps not used much, screen brightness turned down. Again there a many power saver apps although the best ones that actually make a difference do all these easy changes anyway. We always find turning off 'sync' considerably saves a lot of power. Plus in todays hectic world of busy people, sometimes its good to simply switch off...

-With phones where the battery is not removable, then bear in mind, generally a bigger screen and higher quality will zap the power more. Again with good sense of turning off features you don't need, battery life can be extended.


- HTC One S and the iPhone currently lead the best phones with light weights both being under 120 grams. Again the phones with higher powers tend to be heavier (Nokia Lumia take note.....), but in today's world lighter is better unless the phone itself warrants the extra grams - the Nokia Lumia being a good example of a phone which crams some pretty advanced tech and top notch screen to go with it.

-Premium feel

- Increasingly the 'latest' phones such as the HTC One and iPhone have noticed the consumers 'love' the feel of their phones. Indeed the materials used in the HTC One for example make it look amazing! By contrast other companies such as Samsung choose to use 'plastic' type materials for the majority of the phone body. This has a good advantage of the phone being lightweight but again for some consumers may leave them feeling they are holding a 'cheap' product.

The Nokia Lumia series are arguably some of the best looking phones out there. The range of colours is impressive and stand out from the black or white phones offered from the other major brands.

Which to go for? Well basically its down to you! Keep in mind, most people when they get a phone, put a case on so the 'exterior' is covered up. However some people love the 'weighty' feel of the phone. Best way to decide is to actually try out these phones and see which one suits you!:)

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