Friday, 17 June 2011

Why are (or rather were) the best TV shows being killed?

Stargate, Hercules, Star Trek, all leading shows and yet it surprises me how no one has made a movie yet as in big screen cinema busting tent pole type.

Take Stargate for instance....for 14 years its been on the air, in three shows. You can honestly see growth in their universe where early episodes they would be shown to be building fighter ships and then seasons later would be using them. Or perhaps the rich universe created and potentially unlimited storylines via the Stargates themselves.

For those of you who watched Stargate Atlantis, that show was just asking for a big screen movie to be made. The plots are there, the 'city' itself being a character. The actors are top notch, the banter between Rodney and Sheppard is witty and strong,...yet as of now , the franchise as a whole is well,, dead. Ok sure MGM went through a restructuring but surely for maximum profit, you should maximise what you have????? Stargate has the potential to reach, well global audiences to the likes of what Paramount did to Star Trek. and yet, they cancelled the last show due to sluggish ratings, ignoring hte fact that trend setting shows like Star Trek: TNG, took 3 seasons for the show to find itself?

The fact is when studios fund these programs, they should consider the long term viability of them in terms of just how far can you strech a show. These days of viral marketing, twitter, facebook, how all changed how news is spread. Fans are ever more vocal now. Would it be that hard to recognise that its the fans that keep these shows going and that by giving them a feature film, you would earn the respect and motivation of these fans to self market the film for them?

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