Monday, 13 June 2011

To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question...

3D blu ray, 3d cinema, 3d games.....hmmm worth the hype? and just why is active shutter glasses more widespread than passive despite being more expensive? and just how easy is it to convert 2d material into 3d?

well I must say after watching Thor at the cinema , 3d is certainly going to stick around. of course the big show stealer will be transformers dark of the moon. from what I have heard it will take 3d to the next level. no shock there!

but just how good is 3d blu ray ? very actually.. having just bought a Samsung d series tv all I can is *Wow* . The tv is amazing. Samsung really know how to build quality products. The 3d is absolutely amazing. Watched Legends of the Guardian in 3d and just amazing. The great thing about technology today is that the rate at which it is improving gets quicker as each iteration occurs . Vhs took a good ten years to be mainstream , dvd took five years , blu ray 3 years and 3d well ... two years. what's next ? well the next milestone will be software and what you can do with it I.e the cloud, the apps market , operating systems.

but as with all technologies there's always competition - bring on active vs passive glasses. What's the difference ?in a nutshell, from a consumer point of view theres two factors- price and how good the experience is. Active glasses are generally acknowledged as being better in terms of still maintaining a good steady picture quality and good detail but are currently expensive (£60 pounds + or $70-80+), with some varying in comfort due to the electronics they house and some needing batteries or are rechargable. Passve on the other hand are cheap (few pounds or dollars), don't need batteries/charging and generally maintenance free. However detail is lost in the picture when viewing and colours aren't as vibrant.

Of course how good the TV and material you're watching also plays a factor. The Samsung d8000 tv  reproduces colours sharply and accurately. Not to mention once you fine tune the tv to your preference,  pretty much all you have left is the material your watching which will impact the 3d experience.

Although 3d material is out there, its currently small in comparison to 2d content. Again TV manufacturers come to the rescue! Some of the higher end models feature a 2d to 3d conversion button. Be advised most if not all currently make the picture 'in depth'  as in theres no popping out effects. How good is it? well not bad actually. There's something nice about watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine in 3d and then switching to the Dark Knight.

well thats the take on 3d folks for now, please feel free to leave comments on your experiences and trends!

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